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“I jumped off a rock that was really high. I heard that it was about 3.6m tall but it seemed like 6m. I had to jump into frigid water and it was horrifying. I didn’t think I had a problem with heights but it was really scary. That was definitely the hardest stunt.”

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Chris Hemsworth and Kristen Stewart at the S.W.A.T.H. Q & A Part I [x]

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We’ve got a sewer scene, and we basically have to make it more realistic by putting some rats in there. Kristen is being great with them. They’ve been right by her mouth, really close to her, and she doesn’t seem to care whatsoever. She’s been very impressive. I’m amazed. She’s a lot tougher than I’ll ever be. 

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Snow White and the Huntsman World Premiere (05.14.12)

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Snow White and the Huntsman Worldpremiere

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Kristen Stewart and Charlize Theron | Snow White and the Huntsman World Premiere (05.14)

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